Relieving pain and stress through improved balance, posture and coordination

What Is It?

The Alexander technique can help with the management of pain and stress; improve performance, mobility and overall coordination.  It involves subtle hands-on guidance through simple movements to help uncover habitual patterns of tension. More

Alexander Technique Lessons


A typical Alexander lesson involves working with everyday activities; most commonly getting in and out of a chair and lying down, as well as walking, bending down, reaching up, climbing stairs, picking things up or working on something more specific More

About Gregg

As well as running his private practice Gregg is the resident Alexander Technique teacher with The Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra and also teaches at The Alexander Technique Studio in South West London where he completed his training. More

Scientific Evidence

As awareness of The Alexander Technique is moving towards mainstream attention amongst healthcare professionals, more and more research studies are taking place on its benefits. The largest and most widely documented of these was on patients with recurrent and chronic back pain… More

I would recommend sessions with Gregg to anyone who struggles with the physical stresses and strains of everyday life.  Working with him has made a real difference.    Dr Soumen Basak, West Sussex GP