Working on habit

Everything we do is bound up with habitual muscular patterns that are expressed in the way we use our bodies. These same patterns often reoccur to a greater or lesser extent no matter what activities we are engaged in.  They will at best limit our performance of any given activity, but unfortunately they can also gradually lead us towards poor mobility or pain.

Notice how in both of these activities Soumen’s torso is rotating to the left, his shoulders are sloping down on the left side and how his pelvis is tilted down towards his right leg in both of these activities.  These habitual muscular contractions are causing a visable distortion in his whole torso and neck, which may appear to be minor, but which, over time, have led to pain and discomfort.

Through a course of Alexander lessons these and many other types of issues can be addressed.  Students are often surprised and delighted how these subtle changes in their habitual way of doing things can allow for such dramatic improvements in their everyday lives.