Gregg Isaacson MSTAT, MMus, BMusEd, GRIAM, LRIAM

As well as running his private practice, Gregg is the Resident Alexander Technique Teacher with The Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra. He is also a teacher trainer at The Brighton Alexander Technique College and has previously taught at The Alexander Technique Studio teacher training course in South West London, where he completed his training. Gregg enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds. He regularly attends professional development courses and continues to learn from other teachers and from his own students. More recently, he has been one of a team of teachers involved in a clinical trial exploring the benefits of Alexander Technique for people with chronic musculoskeletal pain, in association with The NHS and Southampton University. Gregg is a registered teacher with The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) where he also serves on the Training Course Committee.

“I started having Alexander lessons due to severe pain and damage to my hands and forearms. I had just started a Masters in classical guitar performance and was practising for hours on end. I very quickly found myself in agony doing anything with my hands, even attempting to do the zip on my jacket. Playing guitar was practically impossible. My forearms and hands were like two excruciatingly painful blocks of lead attached at my elbows. Through Alexander lessons I learned to recognise my harmful habitual patterns and to move with less tension, not only while playing guitar but in my life generally. It took me longer than I had intended but I finally graduated from my masters with a distinction and now continue with my guitar career.

The Alexander Technique became such an important part of my life that I trained to become a teacher. I am dedicated to helping my students learn to apply the Alexander Technique to their own circumstances so that they can continue to help themselves.”