What can it do for me?

Often we put our discomfort (bad backs, stiff necks or damaged knees, etc.) down to specific activities; sitting at a computer; getting in and out of the car; perhaps going for a run, but any of these things can be done well or done badly.  Through lessons in the Alexander Technique you begin to recognise how you could change the way you organise yourself and your movements to ease your own discomfort and to deal with your response to any stresses and strains in your life.

Doing things well; from performing in public to looking after children or doing an exam, takes organisation, the ability to think on your feet and to not overreact if something unexpected happens.  When practising the Alexander Technique we are applying that same practical common-sense process to ourselves.

We are learning to observe our movement afresh, to recognise and to bypass our unhelpful habits getting in our way.

By further understanding what we are doing, we can begin to allow for small changes that could help prevent unwanted habits and enhance our vitality.