Lessons are given on a one-to-one basis and last for three quarters of an hour.

Wearing loose, comfortable clothing is preferable as lessons involve gentle movement.

I teach from home on Warleigh Road, by Preston Circus and very close to London Road train station and at Belmoredean Dressage near Horsham, West Sussex.

There is on-street parking available in Brighton.

People can get confused with the term “lessons” at the beginning, as they sometimes come expecting a treatment or a therapy.  While lessons in the Alexander Technique will have many therapeutic benefits, one of the important aspects to bear in mind is that you will also be learning how to look after yourself physically and improve your overall coordination.

Working with a pregnant woman

Over the course of lessons you would learn to notice unhelpful habitual tension in your movement more and more and how to side-step it in order to continue living your life with greater ease. And that is the beauty of the technique; because it is so basic, so general, yet so practical, it can be applied to any circumstance or activity you are in, simple or complex, from getting out of bed in the morning with chronic lower back pain to running for a bus with a coffee in your hand or from using your mobile phone to giving a presentation at work.

The Alexander Technique is a practical tool that can be used in everyday life and, put simply, can help us feel more comfortable in our own skin.