What is it?

The technique

F M Alexander’s research revealed important insights into how poor postural habits can not only lead to pain, but also have detrimental effects on overall health and well-being.  Through observation and practical experiments he developed a technique to restore natural balance and coordination, improving mobility, performance potential and helping in the management of pain and stress.

The Alexander Technique brings a clearer sensory perception into movement, encouraging improved coordination; poise; and ease from pain and discomfort.  It is experiential and highly individual.  Significantly, it is a process of learning, perhaps more accurately, unlearning – an unlearning of the unhelpful habits that have gradually become ingrained in us during the course of our lives.  The way Hannah is holding her baby here may feel comfortable for a while, and even look quite normal, but she is building up harmful pressure on parts of her body which could be painful and damaging in the long run.

The Alexander Technique does not involve exercises.  It is not a treatment or a therapy and does not make claims to cure.  However through its practice, people can learn to create beneficial conditions for themselves, leading them to experience fuller, happier and healthier lives.