I started seeing Gregg because of a back problem due to carpentry work. These sessions began to completely turn around my intuitive sense of how to look after my body. Rather than feel guilty and worried that my work was bad form me, and that I really should stretch and do more yoga – I learned that the key to self care was learning to relax deeply. It has been such a relief to find a healing practice that asks me to do less rather than more! Later I came with a problem with my hand that I’d previously only been able to cure with steroid injection. Amazingly, this was gradually cured too, by learning about tensions that I carry from my shoulders down into my hands, with almost all things I do.

This learning to relax in life has become not only a source of physical healing for me, but also a deeply important lesson about how I live life on an emotional level. Alexander with Gregg is helping me to turn around deeply ingrained habits in my physical and emotional life. It’s a truly holistic technique.

Thanks Gregg!

Rachel Urbach Carpenter

Gregg is a wonderful Alexander teacher. It’s difficult to describe the feeling after a lesson but I know that I always come away feeling lighter, taller, happier, less achy,  just better in every way. Thanks Gregg

Sue Rogerson

I have been working with Gregg for three months now. I have had some fairly serious issues with my back which resulted in key hole surgery in 2010.  I initially wanted to purely improve my riding, as the tension I held in my body was impacting both my back and the horse’s abilities. My sessions with Gregg have been nothing less than a revelation for me and my riding – I would on a 6 weekly basis suffer with debilitating pain … gone. I couldn’t be on the go all day, I had to take 20 minutes rests lying down before carrying on with my day … not anymore!  I cannot recommend Gregg highly enough. In addition we have a lot of fun during our sessions.

Maxine Lowrie Dressage Rider & Horse Riding Instructor

I’m almost 70, and as I have got older my movement has deteriorated; I need to use my hands to get up from a chair and find it difficult to get up from the floor. Getting old is inevitable, looking old by the way you move is optional. After only a few sessions I can see a vast improvement in the way I walk, stand and sit and so can people around me. It’s impossible for me to describe a session with Gregg, I leave that for him. What I will say is that Gregg is a very professional, delightful young man whom I trust implicitly and a session with him is the best and most relaxing experience I have ever had.

June Harraway Retired Fitness Instructor

I wholeheartedly recommend Gregg as an Alexander teacher for three reasons: he has a depth of knowledge and expertise in Alexander technique; he understands why it matters to the wider contexts of health and well-being; and he has a sensitive approach to teaching which makes connections with his students. He embodies Alexander technique in his gentle manner and patient encouragement. I arrived with general aches, pains and creaking of ageing and he has inspired me to learn to develop gentle, patient attention with good humour. Thank you Gregg!

Avril Loveless Retired Professor of Education

I’ve been seeing Gregg for a few years now and have found Alexander lessons with him invaluable in dealing with the physical tension that has been getting in the way of much that I do, in particular playing the piano. Gregg is a lovely guy; lessons are always a pleasure and I leave, quite literally, a few inches taller. I’ve been very happy to recommend him to friends and other musicians.

John Stones Musician

I went to see Gregg on my son, Rudi’s recommendation. I’d had a series of excruciating and debilitating attacks of a ‘wrap-around’ lower back/front pain that had me bed-ridden for about 5 days at a time. Anything could set it off – driving, awkward movements etc.
For about 6 months, from 4 years ago, I saw Gregg every week, and since then I see him every month – for maintenance!
I run a small but busy music café, and so am taxing my body at all times. Gregg taught me how to rethink how I moved around the kitchen and cafe, carried heavy plates and shopping bags, played my instruments etc, and generally how to use (as opposed to abuse) my body. He showed me how to keep things flowing, instead of jerking and wrenching, and how to relax myself from the inside out. In short, Gregg changed my life – by slowing me down, and teaching me a new attitude towards myself and all my tasks. That horrible back problem has never returned, and I have never been healthier than in these last 4 years. Gregg is a magic man, and such a lovely, clever down-to-earth friend. Thank you!

Jane Bom-Bane Cafe Owner & Musician

I was very fortunate to be gifted four sessions of Alexander technique with Gregg. As far as I’m concerned he works magic…. my body’s more relaxed, moves more harmoniously, feels less painful. And I feel I have learnt valuable lessons to keep it that way. Thank you so much!

Julie Wright

Years of working at a desk job took their toll and I ended up with bad sciatica flaring up several times a week, amongst other aches and pains. Since seeing Gregg not only has this all stopped, but my general posture and movement has improved massively. Highly recommended.

Ian Compton IT Consultant

Gregg’s keen interest in and detailed knowledge of human anatomy and musculature aids and clarifies his explanations, unfolding the complexities of the body. He has a quasi-instinctive recognition of the cause of one’s problems. One leaves with a better sense of well-being with much to think about and put into practice. He is quietly inspirational.

Christine Messiter Principal Flautist with The Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra

Through Alexander Technique lessons with Gregg I have come to understand negative patterns of holding in my body developed over many years that have affected my mobility and contributed to back pain. My lessons and practice at home have enabled me to alleviate back pain. Movement takes less effort and I feel lighter yet stronger. Although suffering from depression I always find that lessons make me feel better. I am motivated to go and always leave with a spring in my step and my mood improved.

Laura Towell Volunteer Charity Worker

My sessions with Gregg are a great help in understanding my body and how I hold myself on a day-to-day basis.  We have then used that consciousness to think about the way I play musical instruments with the aim to apply the least amount of effort to get the results that I want.  He is excellent at listening to my needs and concerns and constantly thinking of new ways to work out how to help – you can tell that he thinks about his pupils individual needs between sessions. And as well as all that the sessions are enjoyable, with a  chance for a nice chat about friends, family, current affairs and music.

Peter Smith Corporate Account Manager & Musician

A lifetime of slouching and 15 years in front of a screen and keyboard finally caught up with me resulting in back pain. Working with Gregg to ‘unlearn’ 40+ years of bad habits is proving both interesting and rewarding and I’m now able to work largely pain free and, just as importantly, when it does start to hurt I know what to do!

Dave Sellers Software Developer

I spend a lot of time at the computer while at work.  I often have a lot of tightness in my neck and shoulders by the end of the day.  Out of work I love to play the violin which can make the problem even worse.  Gregg is giving me Alexander Technique lessons with and without my violin and I am becoming more aware of how tension affects my body.  I was amazed to discover how tightly I grip my violin when in fact it is such a light instrument.  In addition to getting less grumbles in my neck and shoulders on a day to day basis I am able to play the violin with significantly less pain afterwards.  I would recommend sessions with Gregg to anyone who struggles with the physical stresses and strains of everyday life.  Working with him has made a real difference.

Dr Soumen Basak West Sussex GP

Gregg is a wonderful person and an inspired, inspiring teacher. His sessions are so helpful for postural, muscular and fascial problems, both long term and immediate. He is a true artist of his craft!

Kate Grant Therapist & Musician

I’ve been taking lessons with Gregg for about 3 months now, and it has been a really eye opening time. I started getting pain in my right arm whilst studying for a piano diploma so much so that I had to stop playing the instrument, I went to the physio and did all of the stretches and rested, but when I got back to playing the feeling of discomfort persisted, it wasn’t until I met Gregg that I began to feel as if I could overcome the problem, his instruction and guidance has been really vital to me continuing my diploma studies, and I look forward to working with him without the stress of the exam. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning more about how their body works.

Sam Girling Pianist

I met Gregg at a dressage show at Belmoredean Equestrian Centre where he was demonstrating the benefits of Alexander Technique for horse riders. I tried it for 20 minutes and the affects I could feel immediately were amazing. Since then I have been seeing Gregg regularly which has helped me to improve my posture so much. I now feel that I am able to move and absorb the horse’s movement without stiffening my body and to maintain my fluidity at all times; enhancing the feel and connection I have with the horse. Gregg is great fun and very intuitive when he teaches and can sense where your body loses its balance and explains how to alter it so you understand easily what is needed.

Jane Cannon Dressage Rider & Horse Riding Instructor

Wow! What a great professional! It’s been my first experience with the Alexander Technique and I’ve learnt so much about my body and posture! There are so many things that you can apply to your life and work to ease or prevent pain. Gregg is a very good professional and a very nice person and I will be certainly repeating. I recommend Gregg to anyone that wants to improve their posture at work or in any other setting. You really become so much more aware of how you are using your body. 10 out o 10!

Matias Garrido Web Developer and Author

As soon as Gregg started moving me in my first lesson I became immediately aware how my imbalanced posture had been putting unnecessary strain on my whole body.  Over the course of lessons I was taught how to think about my balance, how my movements are connected with different parts in my body, and most importantly how to avoid additional strain due to the ever growing bump! It also seemed that baby was much happier by my improved posture as I was giving maximum space for baby, specifically in the late stage of my pregnancy.  Gregg is a very calm teacher and his passion to improve the ease of movement, balance, support and coordination of his students shines through in his teaching. I would highly recommend Gregg as a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

Margit Prenninger Asset Manager

Gregg is a very good teacher! I haven’t been with him long . He is friendly, helpful and I think totally committed, I’d even say dedicated  to his profession ! I’m thankful being his student . The Alexander Technique is something quite unique.

Ashley Menzies Hairdresser

I believe anybody could benefit from Alexander Technique lessons. The Technique has allowed me to become more aware of my habits and tensions throughout the body and given me the opportunity to change them. As a singer and voice teacher, I have noticed a huge improvement in relation to my breathing and vocal production; my brain seems to function better and I have more creative flow. I very much enjoyed working with Gregg and found my lessons with him very insightful.

Adrian Ward Classical Singer & Voice Teacher

Gregg is a really personable and easy going guy who clearly knows his stuff and likes to keep himself informed about the technique. I had a back problem for many years which he’s helped significantly with and taught me a lot about the technique and how I use my body. Will definitely be visiting whenever I’m back in Brighton!

Conor Monaghan Drew Bar Man

I have a back problem which has led to severe spinal curvature over the years.  When I first discovered about my issue I started looking for any treatment that would improve my health, both at that time and throughout my life.  Nothing seemed to be completely safe and nobody could tell me what would be best, not only for my body, but also for changing my perception of the problem in order to live a happier life.

I had heard about the Alexander Technique but I always thought it was aimed more towards improving performance for singers and athletes.  I met Gregg about a month ago and he explained a little more about the technique so I decided to try it out.  I have to say I felt something started happening during the very first lesson as I started to become more aware of how my body moves and how I use it.  It is true that I am at the beginning and I believe it is a process where changes happen little by little.  I am very happy to have stepped forward and tried it because obviously my problem is not going to be completely fixed but I feel this will make it easier to live with.

Santiago Garcia Architect

Gregg is a fantastic teacher, and person too. When I first went to him my RSI was so bad that i couldn’t use computers or mobile phones without great pain to my wrists and arms. Gregg showed me that it was how i was using my body that was causing the pain. I quickly felt the differences and after about 3 months I had full use of my hands again. I will continue Alexander Technique for a long time- endless discovery of the body!

Rudi Schmidt Musician and Sound Engineer

What I’m learning with Gregg is a body awareness practice that, in itself, without any interference from Gregg, is improving the way I use my body in movement and in stillness. Alexander Technique feels awesome to me because, in a sense, I don’t have to do anything. It’s basically effortless. Also, Gregg’s a top bloke who’s great to be around.. bonus!

Michael Bailey Web Developer

I began lessons with Gregg a little over a year ago and it’s little exaggeration to describe the experience as life-changing. We combine both AT and classical guitar – Gregg’s other specialism – and the process has been revelatory. I’ve been playing the guitar on and off for decades, but in this one year have learned more about playing the instrument, in a truly *deep* way (physically and psychologically) than ever before. Meanwhile, the AT practice – which is inextricably wound up with the guitar work, of course – has transformed the way I *feel* in my body, even after more than 4 years of yoga and mindfulness practice. Oh, and we have a real laugh too, which is always a bonus! Highly, highly recommended.

Simon Hopkins Digital Media Strategist

Alexander Technique with Gregg is a very relaxing, de-stress lesson. For me as an older person I want to be as good as I can be, doing the things I love for as long as possible, preferably without painkillers or surgical intervention. Letting go of tension helps with co-ordination and balance. Losing pain allows me to sleep better, so am a happier person.

Sally Weeden Horse Rider

When I first began the lessons with Gregg my focus was on improving my posture.  Since then I have learnt that the Alexander Technique’s influence is much greater than this.  It has given me an awareness of my body and my interaction with the world.  As a result I am experiencing far greater physical and emotional freedom.  I feel an increased confidence and poise, and a sense of grace rising within me.  I highly recommend lessons with Gregg, he has a clear way of helping me to understand and translate my body which has a profound effect on my everyday life.  It is truly an enlightening experience.

Chris Dade Photographer & Children’s Advocate

Lessons with Gregg have helped me immensely, especially on occasions when I have arrived in a stressed state. I cannot speak too highly of his absolute patience with me as a senior student. He has a unique way of unravelling even the most challenging of tasks, and a warmth and kindness that makes you feel at ease.

Paul R. Coxon Retired Retail Design Director

Due to my job, I have to spend long hours standing up (usually about 9 hours per day).  I used to come home with severe lower back pain that would make me afraid of not being able to go to work the next day and I was constantly taking Ibuprofen to calm the pain. After ten sessions with Gregg I am able to stay on my feet with much less effort and at the moment with very little back pain. I’m much more conscious of my posture and I am able to send commands to my back muscles to relax and not to stay stiff. I am really excited about what other benefits this technique could bring me.

Alvaro Martinez Confectioner

Gregg teaches an understanding and focus on how the body works best in a more natural and balanced way. This results in effortlessly rebalancing and creating  a pain free way of going. Gregg is both empathetic and professional and I cannot recommend him highly enough

Miranda O’Reilly Dressage Rider

I’m almost 70, and as I have got older my movement has deteriorated; I need to use my hands to get up from a chair and find it difficult to get up from the floor. Getting old is inevitable, looking old by the way you move is optional. After only a few sessions I can see a vast improvement in the way I walk, stand and sit and so can people around me. It’s impossible for me to describe a session with Gregg, I leave that for him. What I will say is that Gregg is a very professional, delightful young man whom I trust implicitly and a session with him is the best and most relaxing experience I have ever had.

June Harraway Retired Fitness Instructor

After a few sessions Gregg I have a much more heightened sense of awareness as to how I move, sit and stand. I’m particularly noticing when I’m moving in ways which compromise the natural alignment of my spine, and am learning how to subtly correct these as I go about my day to day life, and in my yoga practice too. Gregg has a warm and personable manner, and seemingly never-ending knowledge of the Alexander Technique.

Sally Lovett Copywriter and Yoga Teacher

I love Alexander sessions with Gregg. I felt at ease working with him right from the beginning. Through the classes I’ve increased my awareness of how I move around and feel much more connected with my whole body. I’ve also learnt to release tension while working in front of the computer. Gregg has been so caring, patient and supportive. I highly reccomend his classes.

Irene Soler Graphic Designer

I attended a couple of workshops that Gregg ran that focused on applying Alexander Technique to the office and work environment. I was very impressed with his practical approach, his calm and confident manner and the way he explained some of the more abstract elements of Alexander Technique and related them to the workplace situations and bad habits we find ourselves in every day. I’ve already started to change some of those habits as a result!

Steve Bustin Media and Rublic Relations Director